Avlscenter Eskegaard A/S – original DanBred material in an improved form.

Avlscenter Eskegaard A/S operates breeding using the original DanBred system, based on three primary breeds. Eskegaard specialises in valid breeding of the highest genetic level combined with the refinement of breeding animals based on parameters that are essential to our genetics customers.


Avlscenter Eskegaard A/S is a recognised and sustainable company with a long history. Our objective is to continue to supply animals that can generate the greatest possible value for our customers. Our customers’ satisfaction speaks for itself. This is why we value these four qualities very highly: Valid breeding – Bio-security - Specially designed feeding – Housing and health.


The overall production covers 220 Landrace sows, 180 Duroc sows and 1300 sows for multiplication for the production of DanBred Hybrid.


DanBred Landrace (LL)

Avlscenter Eskegaard supplies Landrace gilts to Danish and German multiplier herds and herds for Nucleus Management®.

DanBred Landrace is one of the female breeds used in our crossbreeding programme for the production of YL gilts. Landrace has good slaughter quality. Because of Landrace’s extremely good maternal qualities, we use sows of this breed as the maternal breed for YL sows, which are the best crossbreeding sows for the production of finishers. DanBred Landrace is a strong pig with good legs. It is known for its excellent quality.

DanBred Hybrid (LY/YL)

Our YL gilts are produced on the basis of our Landrace breeders.
DanBred Hybrid is the first crossbreeding between DanBred Landrace and DanBred Yorkshire. DanBred Hybrid is the optimal breed combination in the sow stock. DanBred Hybrid ensures high efficiency in the herd, by combining Landrace’s high fertility and good maternal traits with Yorkshire’s strength and fine meat quality. The DanBred Hybrid’s strength in leg position and body ensure high longevity, which reduces the production costs of your herd.

When the DanBred Hybrid sow’s good maternal traits and its potential for high milk yield with DanBred Duroc breed’s unique growth potential and high feed conversion, viable litters are produced for the benefit of professional pig producers all over the world. DanBred Hybrid ensures that your herd’s productivity and profitability.

DanBred Duroc (DD)

Eskegaard has invested in the breeding rights for 180 Duroc sows.

DanBred Duroc works superbly well as the Terminal Sire in combination with LY/YL sows. There is a long tradition in Denmark in the use of Duroc boars as Terminal Sires and LY/YL sows as mothers for finishers. Using this triple crossbreeding, pig producers fully utilise the crossbreeding fertility and optimal production results, high meat percent and good quality.

Avlscenter Eskegaard A/S works closely with many other companies and organisations, such as

Seges - The research and innovation centre for the agriculture and food industry in Denmark
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Dansk Svineavl - Pig breeders member organisation
Danish Agro - Sale of feed
Vilofoss - Minerals and vitamins producer
Øgendahls Maskinfabrik - Feed-grinding and mixing systems supplier
Danvet - Specialist pig vets
SPF-SUS - Service partner relating to SPF health status
SPF-Danmark - Pig haulier that uses SPF approved trucks
Skov - Climate and Farm Management solutions
Jyden Bur A/S - Animal housing and solutions
BoPil A/S - Spotmix feeding systems